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Adjust turnout position; SoftTrak holds its connections and shows radius problems

Now it’s easy to fine-tune complicated track designs that include turnouts. As you move or rotate a turnout, any SoftTrak connected to it moves along with it. If the radius approaches minimum radius for the layer, track is drawn in orange. Should the radius fall below minimum radius, track is drawn in red.

SoftTrak makes this possible. Each segment of SoftTrak is defined by two ends and their associated directions. The track needed to complete the route from beginning to end is automatically computed to your chosen parameters: minimum, preferred and maximum radius, with or without easements, and easement length. You can modify SoftTrak directly, and now it changes real-time during edits, eliminating time-consuming tasks.

3rd PlanIt and SoftTrak give you exceptional design tools that let you focus on routing, esthetics and operation, not tedious geometric problem-solving. Track Planning is fun and productive as it should be!

Move or rotate a turnout - connected SoftTrak moves too!

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