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NY Signal drawn by 3rd PlanIt


NY Signal drawn 
3rd PlanIt by Walter Griffin

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Plan view of test trackSurprise!

Just when you least expect it, something changes. In my case, I thought of a new power distribution scheme I want to experiment with. Suddenly, what was left of my old "Bonus Room" layout was useful! But it was "point to point", since I had literally cut off half the old layout.

I removed all track from the track plan in the previous two web pages. Then I copied the track that physically remains from BonusRoom into the new 3D track plan. To the right you can see what I'm working on, and notice that when I designed BonusRoom, the Wood feature didn't exist.

Details of new segment

The angled L-girder is new, as is the wall brace at the lower left. The cross members in the upper area are already present. This circle has a 26" radius, which is a bit short for the layout, but it is what fits with the desk.

3D rendering of new construction

Here you can see the typical wall brace I've built. My layout is in a bonus room over a garage, so I am trying to keep the weight off the floor and on the walls. I must say, this looks a lot like the real thing...

Picture of actual construction

I repositioned one riser to get me more work room in an access area. Other than that, all the risers are exactly set in position and elevation, ready to receive splines. I did not use splines when I built the section already in place, but I've tried spline construction and found it far more sturdy, very accurate, fun to build, and not too time-consuming.

On the right center you can see a yellow "SmartTool". This wonderful digital level reads slopes in many units, including percent. I set the elevation change between each riser to exactly 3.0 percent (per the plan). This is very repeatable and extremely simple and fast to use. I recommend one for everyone. Check your local power tool dealer, as Home Depot doesn't carry it.

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