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NY Signal drawn by 3rd PlanIt

NY Signal drawn 
3rd PlanIt by Walter Griffin

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 The main yard

I spent some more time on the main yard, giving thought to operations. This arrangement gives me a nice long siding to build and break down consists. There is good access to the yard from the drill lead as well as the siding next to the main line.

The SD-40 is in the yard; I've been driving it around to see how well this trackage operates. At this point, building consists in my imagination seems like it will work, so it's time to put some rolling stock on the layout.

Better throat in yard

I made one important change to the yard after doing some switching. I reversed the turnout at the right, second from the top, so a locomotive can have a run-around to get out of the spur. Now I need to look at the helix... a friend pointed out that I didn't have nearly enough room to work at my computer desk. He stressed the need to be able to roll back and stretch, an important observation!

New plan view

This looks much better around the desk. Now there's room to work without feeling confined, and the branch line has a nice starting point. The main line will follow the helix to lower-level staging and a reversing loop and have a cut-off to allow continuous running. The branch line (The John Galt Line) diverges from the main line and heads into the corner of the room where it can climb into the mountains surrounding Galt's Valley.

You might notice that I like to design with Color By Object Type turned on. This is the way I prefer to see the design, as I can easily tell where the spirals, curves and tangent tracks begin and end. You can also Highlight Object End Points as an alternative.

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