For Sale - Model Railroading
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I'm selling part of my HO inventory in order to purchase N scale items. Everything has been meticulously maintained, and comes with original packaging and documentation. Any known defects are clearly noted. I accept major credit cards and ship as you desire. All items are sold as-is, and will be tested for proper operation before shipment.   ...Randy

Click any image to see an enlarged view.
Detailed images of selected items will be provided on request.

To purchase, please send e-mail  to "pfeiffer" at TrackPlanning.
If you wish to purchase several items and would like me to consider a bundle price,
please e-mail me your reasonable offer

Rolling stock

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Aethern Misc $5
Atlas Individual cars $20
Limited Edition Set $100
Bowser 12 numbered 45' Hoppers $150 / set
E&C Individual cars $15
ERM Individual cars $25
InterMountain Individual car kits $20
Ready-to-run $30
Mantua 1995 49'ers car $100
Proto 2000 Individual cars $20
Roco DB set $400
Dutch tram $250
Roundhouse Misc $5
Walthers Individual cars $15
Thrall set $40



A few of these were opened to take measurements for 3rd PlanIt. Otherwise, NIB.



LASERkit Dill's Market #122 $10
SP Depot #134 Sold
Transfer Depot #704 Sold
Micro Engineering 5-' Deck girder bridge #75-501 Sold
30' Deck girder bridge #75-502 Sold
City Viaduct #75-509 Sold
Thru Girder Bridge, 50' Single Track #75-520 Sold
Thru Girder Bridge, 50' Double Track #75-521 Sold
Walthers American Millwork #933-3008 Sold
Brook Hill Farm Dairy #933-3010 Sold
Golden Valley Canning #933-3017 Sold
New River Mining #933-3018 Sold

I will keep this site reasonably up to date, but some items may no longer be available.